J. Cooley - Discoveries in the Deep: The Future of Science at SNOLAB

by Jodi Cooley (SNOLAB)

Room E. Majorana (LNGS)

Room E. Majorana



SNOLAB is an epicenter of global astroparticle physics and underground science discovery and research. As one of the deepest, cleanest underground laboratory in the world, with first-rate scientist and staff, it is a location of choice for cutting edge experiments. In this talk I will highlight some of the exciting research conducted at SNOLAB and discuss potential future research directions.
Jodi Cooley
Executive Director | SNOLAB
Professor of Physics | Queen’s University
Adjunct Research Professor | SMU
SNOLAB Canada’s world class underground science facility
@SNOLABscience | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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Ezio Previtali - LNGS Director