Seminari di gruppo IV

Martina Gerbino, "The left hand of lightness: how we get to understand neutrinos (and other particles) by hunting for the most ancient light in the Universe"


The intersection of the cosmic and neutrino frontiers is a rich field where much discovery space still remains. Cosmology is an independent window to the physics of light relics – active neutrinos and other light massive particles that may populate the cosmological plasma - and allows to probe their behaviour over cosmological times and scales, something unachievable via terrestrial laboratory searches. In this talk I will discuss how observations of the cosmic microwave background radiation can be used to constrain the properties of neutrinos and other light relics. In the final part, I will focus on "new physics" scenarios (e.g. beyond-standard-model properties, axion-like particles....). I will further discuss detection prospects from forthcoming cosmological observations.