Seminari di gruppo IV

Gianpiero Mangano, "Impact of trans-Planckian quantum noise on the Primordial Gravitational Wave spectrum"




We investigate the impact of stochastic quantum noise due to trans–Planckian effects on the primordial power spectrum for gravity waves during inflation. Given an energy scale Lambda, expected to be close to the Planck scale mPl and larger than the Hubble scale H, this noise is described in terms of a source term in the evolution equation for comoving modes k which changes its amplitude growth from early times as long as the mode physical wavelength is smaller than Lambda. We model the source term as due to a gas of black holes in the trans–Planckian regime and the corresponding Hawking radiation. In fact, for energy scales larger than, or of the order of Lambda, it is expected that trapped surfaces may form due to large energy densities. At later times the evolution then follows the standard sourceless evolution. We find that this mechanism still leads to a scale-invariant power spectrum of tensor perturbations, with an amplitude that depends upon the ratio Lambda/mPl. Likelihood contours using scalara perturbation data are finally reported on Lambda versus the slow roll parameter