CERN 2023 beam test meeting


- Participants list for PS: an attendance table to be filled by the team leaders of each subdetector is available here: 

- ISIEC form, transports and storage: M. Xu and N. Mori will take care of these items 

- Patrol rights at PS: two persons are needed. They must be always on site during the test to provide adequate coverage. D. Serini is one candidate; the other one will be identified among the Chinese team 

- Beam line survey at PS: it will require up to one day, and we will ask for it to be performed on Friday 1st September, with Monday 4th September as a fallback. Data taking will be started anyway as early as possible; all the teams must ensure that every subdetector can be placed back in nominal position at the start of the survey 

- RP checks: every subdetector team must take care of asking for RP checks for its equipment. A list of RP check responsibles to help in coordinating the requests (e.g. request the same check time for all the subdetectors) to be filed by the team leaders is available here: 

- Control room at PS: due to the limited room size the access to the control room will be reserved to shifters. Other people must find an accommodation autonomously, e.g. by booking a shared office ( or staying in their hotel rooms or in common areas 

- Protons/electrons at SPS: we will mount our setup in H4 on 13th September together with CMS HGCAL; CMS is willing to leave us some beam time (to be quantified) to acquire Z=1 particles. Due to mount time constraints only the CALO and the Italian SCD will be mounted. We will dismount the setup at PS and do the RP checks on 11th September, and ask for transport to SPS on 12th September, to be ready to mount on 13th. An alternative trigger system must be found since Bari people in charge of the standard trigger system will not be on site on 13th. All of the above is to be confirmed after interacting with CERN people

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