May 26 – 30, 2008
Biblioteca Universitaria, Pavia, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

The CMS Barrel Calorimeter Response to Particle Beams from 2 to 350 GeV/c

May 29, 2008, 10:00 AM
Salone Teresiano (Biblioteca Universitaria, Pavia, Italy)

Salone Teresiano

Biblioteca Universitaria, Pavia, Italy

Strada Nuova, 65
oral presentation LHC LHC


Dr Efe Yazgan (Texas Tech University)


We report on the response of the CMS barrel calorimeter to hadrons and muons over a
wide momentum range from
2 to 350 GeV/c. To our knowledge, this is the widest range of momenta in which any
calorimeter system has been
studied. These tests, carried out at the H2 beam line at CERN, provide a welth of
information, especially at low
energies. We present the analysis on the calorimeter response to charge pions, kaons,
protons and antiprotons and
discuss the underlying phenomena. We also present techniques that deal with the
corrections to the signals from
the considerably different electromagnetic (EB) and hadronic (HB) barrel calorimeters
in reconstructing the energies
of hadrons. The corrected data set corrected for the combined system is linear over to
+/-4% for beam momenta
over 4 GeV/c.

Primary author

Dr Efe Yazgan (Texas Tech University)

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