May 26 – 30, 2008
Biblioteca Universitaria, Pavia, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Calorimetry triggering in ATLAS

May 29, 2008, 12:10 PM
Salone Teresiano (Biblioteca Universitaria, Pavia, Italy)

Salone Teresiano

Biblioteca Universitaria, Pavia, Italy

Strada Nuova, 65
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Olga Igonkina (Nikhef)


The ATLAS experiment is preparing for data taking at 14 TeV collision energy. A very
rich discovery physics programme is being prepared in addition to the detailed study
of Standard Model processes which will be produced in abundance. The ATLAS
multi-level trigger system is designed to accept one event in 210*5 to enable the
selection of rare and unusual physics events. The ATLAS calorimeter system is a
precise instrument, which includes liquid Argon electro-magnetic and hadronic
components as well as a scintillator-tile hadronic calorimeter. All these components
are used in the various levels of the trigger system. A wide physics coverage is
ensured by inclusively selecting events with candidate electrons, photons, taus, jets
or those with large missing transverse energy.

In this paper, we will present the ATLAS calorimetry triggers in detail, focusing on
the overall design, the selection algorithms and their performance as well as the
preparation of the associated trigger menus. ATLAS is now preparing for initial data
taking expected to start in summer 2008. The commissioning of the trigger system
using cosmic ray events and by replaying simulated Monte Carlo events through the
trigger and data acquisition system will also be presented.

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