May 26 – 30, 2008
Biblioteca Universitaria, Pavia, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

LHCb preshower(PS) and Scintillating pad detector (SPD): calibration and monitoring

May 26, 2008, 12:45 PM
Salone Teresiano (Biblioteca Universitaria, Pavia, Italy)

Salone Teresiano

Biblioteca Universitaria, Pavia, Italy

Strada Nuova, 65
oral presentation LHC LHC


Eduardo Picatoste (Universitat de Barcelona)


The calorimeter system of the LHCb experiment comprises in front to the
electromagnetic and hadronic calorimeters a double detector, aimed at tagging the
electric charge and the electromagnetic nature of the calorimeter clusters for the
first level of trigger. It consists in two planes of scintillating pads separated by
a 2.5 radiation lengthes lead sheet. The first scintillating plane is the SPD. The
second plane and the lead form the Preshower Their design and construction are
recalled. Their performance and calibration strategies are discussed and illustrated
by recent results.

Primary author

Mrs Marie-Noëlle Minard (LAPP/CNRS)

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