Theory Group Seminars

Matching Effective Theories Efficiently

by Dr Javier Fuentes (Universidad de Granada)

131 (Edificio C)


Edificio C


Despite many theoretical and experimental indications pointing to the existence of new physics, the lack of direct evidence suggests the presence of a mass gap. Effective Field Theories (EFT) provide the optimal theoretical framework to describe the possible effects of such new physics. However, the great diversity of UV possibilities and the complexity of (one-loop) matching computations difficult the connection between EFT analyses and their interpretation in terms of precise UV models. Recent advancements in the path-integral formulation of one-loop EFT matching (and running) provide a promising approach to overcoming this issue. In this seminar, I will review the state-of-the-art path-integral techniques and present the first (proof of concept) release of Matchete: A Mathematica tool that, using path-integral methods, will completely automate one-loop matching of arbitrary weakly-coupled UV theories to their EFTs.

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