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The physics of supermassive black hole formation

by Dominik Schleicher (University of Concepcion, Chile)

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Il seminario si svolgerà esclusivamente in modalità telematica

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More than 200 supermassive black holes are currently known at z>6, corresponding to the first billion years of the Universe. Their origin is still not clear, and different scenarios including direct collapse, collisions  in dense stellar clusters and new hybrid scenarios have been proposed as possible pathways to form very massive objects. In this talk, I will explore the problem from a physical perspective, including the effects of chemistry, cooling, hydrodynamics and N-body dynamics. A particular emphasis of this talk will be on the interaction of gas and stellar dynamics, which is still underexplored but highly relevant for this problem. I will provide an outlook regarding future work and observational prospects to measure and constrain black hole masses as well as their formation conditions.

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