Repeating flaring activity in AO 0235+164

by Mr Juan Escudero (IAA - CSIC)

https://infn-it.zoom.us/j/4468773324?pwd=Tmx3SVRUSUs5Z1MwOHd2K2xhcmRNdz09 (Aula R and online - Zoom Platform)


Aula R and online - Zoom Platform

Aula R https://infn-it.zoom.us/j/4468773324?pwd=Tmx3SVRUSUs5Z1MwOHd2K2xhcmRNdz09

We present updated data and results of the flaring activity in the BL Lacertae object AO 0235+164 across all the spectrum ranging from VLBA 7mm imaging to high energy gamma rays. A repeating flaring activity is observed, with similarities between new and old flares behavior. This new data strengthens existing hypothesis about the processes involved in the emission from the jet and its components.

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Ruben Lopez Coto - Gruppo II Padova

Ruben Lopez Coto