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Antikaon-deuteron measurements at Frascati. A new era of hadron-hadron interaction measurements.

by Oton Vazquez Doce (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)

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The investigation of the strong interaction between different hadron pairs is one of the most fundamental problems in nuclear physics.
The interaction of nucleons with kaons has a dominant role in the description of low-energy QCD with strangeness degrees of freedom, in a regime where chiral symmetry breaking is dominant.
Theoretical models for the kaon-nucleon interaction need to take into account several physics processes that arise from the underlying strong interaction leading to the formation of resonances and bound states.
The description of such interactions is crucial to describe the evolution and the properties of matter under extreme conditions.

Our experimental knowledge on hadron-hadron interactions is based mostly on scattering data and lacks precision in the strangeness sector.
In the study of the antikaon-nucleon interaction, the kaonic hydrogen studies delivered the most precise measurement at the interaction threshold, and recently ALICE femtoscopic measurements of the antikaon-proton correlation function provided unprecedented constraints above threshold.

However in order to pin down the full isospin dependence of the antikaon-nucleon interaction, new measurements are required.
To this end, two complementary approaches are being carried on at the LNF: the measurement of the kaonic deuterium X-ray lines by SIDDHARRTA-2 and new femtoscopic studies of kaon-deuteron correlations by ALICE, which will constitute a strong test for the state-of-the art theoretical models.
The measurement of the kaon-deuteron correlation function could also deliver additional information on the formation time of (anti)deuterons in hadron-hadron collisions. Moreover, the femtoscopy method can be extended by using the formalism of multivariate cumulants in order to study the genuine three-body interaction involving kaons and nucleons for the first time.


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