HEP Colloquia 2021

by Dr Gorchtein Mikhail (Institut fur Kernphysik, PRISMA Cluster of Excellence Johannes Gutenberg-Universit¨at, Mainz, Germany)

Aula A (Department of physics)

Aula A

Department of physics

Cittadella di Monserrato

Precision tests of the Standard Model meet precision nuclear and
hadronic physics

The electroweak model operates with only a few fundamental parameters (couplings, masses and mixings). I will give an overview of the status of two such mixing parameters: the weak mixing angle (WMA), and the top-left element of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa (CKM) mixing matrix Vud.𝑢𝑑
Extracting them from high-precision measurements in various systems and at different kinematics requires computing quantum corrections (both universal and process-specific) to leading-order SM predictions with an adequate precision. Recent advances in computing process-specific electroweak box corrections allowed for a correct extraction of WMA from the recently concluded Qweak experiment at Jefferson Lab, but led to establishing a 3𝜎 deficit in the CKM unitarity in the top row, an exciting possibility of a BSM signal at low energy. Current and future experimental program, e.g. with the future MESA facility at Mainz, together with modern theoretical calculations will probe hypothetical BSM in a competitive and complementary way to the LHC.

The Seminar will be held as both in-person event, in Aula A at Department of Physics, Cittadella di Monserrato, Cagliari University and also online on Zoom.

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