Mini-workshop on opportunities to reveal New Physics with feebly-interacting particles and ultra-rare decays in experiments with extracted SPS beams at the CERN North Area

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Giuseppe Finocchiaro (LNF)

Aim of the meeting:

The aim of the mini-workshop is to present a proposal for a new experiment (SHADOWS) to search for feebly interacting particles at the CERN North Area.
The interplay with current and future experimental activities by the NA62 experiment is also discussed.


Thursday June 10
14:40   Gaia Lanfranchi (LNF INFN)
The search for Feebly-Interacting Particles within the Physics Beyond Colliders activity at CERN
15:05   Matthew Moulson (LNF INFN) & Tommaso Spadaro (LNF INFN)
"Physics at a high-intensity kaon beam facility at the CERN SPS"


15:50 Gaia Lanfranchi (LNF INFN)

"The SHADOWS project to search for Feebly-Interacting Particles at CERN"


16:20 General Discussion


17:00 Conclusion


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