1. General Seminars

CYGNO: an Optical TPC for the search of rare events

by Davide Pinci (ROMA1)

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The search for a novel technology able to detect and reconstruct nuclear and electron recoil events in the keV energy range has become more and more important as long as vast regions of high mass WIMP-like Dark Matter candidate have been excluded.
Gaseous Time Projection Chambers (TPC) with optical readout are very promising candidate combining the complete event information provided by TPC technique to the high sensitivity and granularity of last generation scientific light sensors.
CYGNO experiment (a CYGNus module with Optical readout) is developing this approach obtaining good energy and space resolution and a high sensitivity in the keV energy range together with a very good particle identification useful to distinguish nuclear recoils from electronic recoils.
This experiment is part the CYGNUS proto-collaboration which aims at constructing a network of underground observatories for directional Dark Matter search.
A 1 cubic meter demonstrator is expected to be built in 2021/22 aiming to a larger scale apparatus (30m$^3$-100 m$^3$), in a later stage.


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Organized by

L. Cardani, C. Rovelli