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Advanced Virgo and beyond, a journey in the exploration of space-time with Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors

by Francesco Di Renzo (Università di Pisa / INFN)



Five years of observations by the Advanced Virgo and Advanced LIGO Gravitational Wave Detectors have provided invaluable information on the “violent” Universe. This includes the properties of the sources of about 50 confident detected signals of binary black hole and neutron star mergers currently published, together with their related astrophysical populations. Many other sources, like cosmic strings, pulsars and magnetars have been constrained in their abundance and mechanisms of emission. These achievements have been possible thanks to the upgrades of the first generation of Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors operated until 2011.
In this presentation, we will review the evolution of the “Second Generation” detectors, putting in evidence the increase of their sensitivity expressed by the volume of space-time explored. We will also provide an outlook of the implementation of the ongoing upgrades for the “Plus” version of the Advanced Virgo laser interferometer, and give some insight into the technologies that will be adopted for the Third Generation, and what they will bring to us.