Recent results on clusters and correlations in nuclear structure and reactions

by Lorenzo Fortunato (PD)


Results obtained in the last few years by the Theoretical Nuclear Physics group in Padova on alpha-cluster models and on nuclear correlations in halo nuclei will be reviewed in this seminar.
The algebraic cluster model assumes triangular and tetrahedral configurations of alpha particles for carbon-12 and oxygen-16 respectively. The spectroscopic description of the low-lying states achieved in this model, that is a consequence of the requirement of discrete symmetries, is extrememly good. We have made a number of calculations of reactions form factors that have been applied to alpha-transfer reactions obtaining a good agreement with available data, thus corroborating the main hypotheses of the model. We have also speculated about smoking-gun nuclear fluorescence experiment that might shed light on the exact arrangments of alphas in 12C.
If time allows, we will also talk about the successful predictions on the positioning of fluorine-29 on the southern shore of the island of inversion that has recently become a very hot topic.
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T. Marchi, G. Carugno