Seminari Divulgativi

Renaissance of nuclear physics at the LHC - Dr. Laura Fabbietti




Webinar organizzato dai Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati nell'ambito del progetto europeo Strong 2020


In this talk I will discuss how all hyperon-nucleon, kaon-nucleon and
hyperon-hyperon interactions can be measured at the LHC and how a detailed
knowledge of such interactions provides a fundamental reference for the
equation of state of neutron stars.

 The measurement of correlations in momentum space (femtoscopy) applied to
hyperon-proton, kaon-proton and hyperon-hyperon pairs produced in pp and
p-Pb collisions at the LHC by the ALICE collaboration has revealed an
unexpected sensitivity to the study of short-range strong interactions.

For final states that have been investigated via scattering experiments in
the past, such as K-p and Lp, the new results discussed in this talk show an
improvement of an order of magnitude in precision. For final states that
were so far not accessible, such as pXi, pOmega and Lambdad, first
measurements are presented and used to test first principle calculations for
the hadron-hadron interactions. Such interactions play possibly a role in
the physics of neutron stars (NS), since the production of hyperons within
the innermost core of NS depends on the interplay of two- and three-body
interactions. Current results and future perspective at the LHC will be
discussed in the context of the equation of state of neutron stars.