1. General Seminars

The Micromegas chambers for the upgrade of the ATLAS forward muon detector

by Fabio Anulli (ROMA1)

Modalita' Webinar (Piattaforma Vibe - Modalita' Webinar)

Modalita' Webinar

Piattaforma Vibe - Modalita' Webinar


The experiments at LHC must undergo significant upgrades in order to cope with the luminosity increase foreseen in Run3 and later in the High-Luminosity LHC phase. In particular the innermost stations of the ATLAS Muon Spectrometer in the forward regions will be replaced by new technologies: the small-strip Thin Gap Chambers and the Micromegas detectors, which provide both tracking and triggering. We report on the construction and integration of the Micromegas, together with the quality control procedures and their performances under different tests, focusing on the detectors built by a consortium of INFN sites.

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