Full Simulation: Winter data sample analysis report

To connect to the meeting you can use a regular phone: 1) dial +390662288548 (or the numbers listed in http://server10.infn.it/video/index.php?page=telephone_numbers ) 2) digit conference number: 1730 3) after the sound say your name and press pound key # 4) press 1 to accept recording ************************************************ or you can use any computer using a SIP client program (example X-lite:http://www.counterpath.net/X-Lite-Download.html) and an head set device. General configuration parameters are: * address: phone.infn.it * port: 5060 (UDP) * username: 2004 * Auth. name: 2004 * password: 5555 and the code for the background sim. meeting is: 1730