Self-dual Critical Theory on the Surface of Topological Insulators

by Lorenzo Maffi


Compact nonlocal Abelian gauge theory in (2 + 1) dimensions, also known as loop model, is a massless theory with a critical line that is explicitly covariant under duality transformations. It corresponds to the large NF limit of self-dual electrodynamics in mixed three-four dimensions. It also provides a bosonic description for surface excitations of three-dimensional topological insulators. Upon mapping the model to a local gauge theory in (3 + 1) dimensions, we compute the spectrum of electric and magnetic solitonic excitations and the partition function on the three torus T3. Analogous results for the S2 × S1 geometry show that the theory is conformal invariant and determine the manifestly self-dual spectrum of conformal fields, corresponding to order-disorder excitations with fractional statistics. The talk will be based on the work [arXiv:1912.04125].