The eXtreme-DataCloud (XDC) and the DEEP-HybridDataCloud (DEEP) projects: what we did and what we learnt

by Alessandro Costantini (CNAF), Daniele Cesini (CNAF), Doina Cristina Duma (CNAF)

CNAF Teams

CNAF Teams

Between November 2017 and April 2020, INFN coordinated the eXtreme-DataCloud (XDC) project and actively participated with managerial roles to the DEEP Hybrid-DataCloud (DEEP-HDC) initiative. Both XDC and DEEP were European projects funded by the Horizon2020 framework program under the call EINFRA-21-2017 with a contribution of 3 million Euros each.

XDC operated in the field of data management developing scalable technologies for federating storage resources and moving data in distributed computing environments. DEEP was its computing counterpart and had the global objective to promote the use of intensive computing services by different research communities and areas by providing specialized cloud services and platforms to develop, exploit, train and share machine learning and deep learning applications.

XDC and DEEP were follow-ups, respectively in the fields of data management and machine learning, of the INDIGO-DataCloud project and continued the INDIGO work on storage Quality-of-Services definition/handling, data lifecycle management and PaaS-level Orchestration in particular for AI workflows.

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