Study of photoionization and realization of Laser Ion Source

by Dr Omorjit Singh Khwairakpam

C. VILLI meeting room (INFN-LNL)

C. VILLI meeting room



Production and application of Radioactive Beams (RIBs) is a growing concern in the field of Nuclear Physics. Laser Ion Sources (LIS) can be used to produce RIBs effectively, due to their high efficiency and selectivity .  LIS uses the principle of laser photoionization which gives significantly better results for elements with high ionization threshold, compared to other ion sources such as surface and plasma ion sources. It is a very chemically selective process which is based on atomic excitations of the elements.  When the individual atoms are exposed to photon energy of the lasers which coincides with the atomic transitions of an element, ionization of the particular element can be achieved. The choice of the RIBs can be easily decided by the wavelength of the lasers employed.
Offline studies are being performed in the SPES laser lab to understand the best ionization schemes of certain elements of interest. The approved schemes will be used to produce RIBs once the SPES project is online.


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Alberto Andrighetto