1. General Seminars

Recent results from NA62 on K+ -> pi+ nu nu-bar

by Tommaso Spadaro (LNF)

LNF INFN Aula Salvini (Piattaforma Vibe - Modalita' Webinar)

LNF INFN Aula Salvini

Piattaforma Vibe - Modalita' Webinar

The ultra-rare flavour-changing neutral-current decay K+ -> pi+ nu nu-bar offers a uniquely sensitive probe in the search for new physics. The NA62 experiment at CERN was primarily designed to achieve a precision measurement of this decay and took data from 2015 to 2018, significantly improving experimental knowledge of the branching ratio. Recently, the experiment submitted for publication final results from data taken in 2017 and released the results of a preliminary analysis of the 2018 data set. In this seminar, these results will be reviewed, and the prospects for results from NA62’s second run, scheduled from 2021 to 2024, will be discussed.

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