8-10 February 2021
Sapienza - Physics Deparment - Marconi Building
Europe/Rome timezone

This workshop will be held at Sapienza University of Rome on Feb 8-10, 2021 and will bring together experts on GW sources and modelling, PBH formation and evolution, and cosmology, to discuss how the PBH scenario confronts current and future GW data.

List of topics:

  • Overview on O3 data from the LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA Collaboration 

  • PBHs, stochastic GW background, and NANOGrav results

  • Current constraints, including formation mechanisms, mass and spin distributions with focus on LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA sources

  • The role of priors in GW data analysis and their impact for the PBH scenario 

  • Clustering and N-body PBH simulations

  • PBH merger rates

  • Non-PBH scenarios: hierarchical mergers and astro (with focus on mass-gap events)

  • Modelling accretion onto PBHs and its role on constraints

  • PBHs and dark-matter models

  • The future: ET/LISA

List of invited speakers and moderators:

Yacine Ali-Haimoud (NYU, USA)
Enrico Barausse (SISSA, IT)
* Alessandra Buonanno (AEI, DE)
Christian Byrnes (Sussex U., UK)
Katerina Chatziioannou (Caltech, USA)
Davide Gerosa (Birmingham U., UK)
Anne Green (Nottingham U., UK)
Ely Kovetz (Ben-Gurion U., IL)
Alexander Kusenko (UCLA & Tokyo U., USA/JP)
Michele Maggiore (Geneve U., CH)
* Chiara Mingarelli (Connecticut U., USA)
Pasquale Serpico (CNRS, FR)
Hardi Veermäe (Tallinn U., EE)

* = to be confirmed


Scientific Secretariat: Alessandra Curto
Organizing Committee: Swetha Bhagwat, Valerio De Luca, Gabriele Franciolini, Paolo Pani, Antonio Riotto

Support: This event is supported by the ERC project DarkGRA “​Unveiling the dark universe with gravitational waves” (ERC-2017-StG 757480).

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Sapienza - Physics Deparment - Marconi Building
Conversi Hall
Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5, 00185 Roma RM
Registration for this event is currently open.
20 / 60