Working Group on Radiative Corrections and Generators for Low Energy Hadronic Cross Section and Luminosity

Aula Seminari (Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati<!-- ID_UTENTE=506 -->)

Aula Seminari

Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati<!-- ID_UTENTE=506 -->

Via Enrico Fermi, 40 I-00044 Frascati
The aim of this seventh meeting is to discuss the Working Group Report on radiative corrections and Monte Carlo generators at low energies.
These radiative corrections and MC generators are crucial for the measurement of the R-ratio (both with ISR and energy scan),
as well as the determination of luminosity.

  • Agnieszka Wapienik
  • Andreas Hafner
  • Boris Shwartz
  • Danilo Babusci
  • Dario Moricciani
  • Eduard Kuraev
  • Federico Nguyen
  • Fred Jegerlhner
  • fulvio piccinini
  • German Rodrigo
  • Gianfranco Morello
  • Giulia Pancheri
  • Graziano Venanzoni
  • Guido Montagna
  • Henryk Czyz
  • Konrad Griessinger
  • Luca Trentadue
  • Massimo Passera
  • Michal Gunia
  • olga shekhovtsova
  • Pablo Roig
  • Peter Lukin
  • Ping Wang
  • Sandro Gorini
  • Sergiy Ivashyn
  • Simon Eidelman
  • Thomas Teubner
  • Wolfgang Kluge
  • Zbigniew Was
    • 14:30 14:50
      Introduction H. Czyz/G. Venanzoni
    • 14:50 15:10
      A few non-expert questions on the accuracy of the hadronic mass spectra provided by MC generators(TBC)
    • 15:10 16:30
      MonteCarlo for R Measurements with energy scan
      • 15:10
        Status of MC generators for energies above 1 GeV 30m
        Speaker: Dr Simon Eidelman (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics)
      • 15:40
        Processes 2\to 4 in e+e- annihilation and the details of generator construction 30m
        Speaker: Eduard Kuraev (JINR Dubna)
      • 16:10
        MCGPJ with experimental data (of BES-III) 20m
        Speaker: Ping WANG (IHEP)
    • 16:30 17:00
      Coffee Break 30m
    • 17:00 18:10
      MC for R Measurements using ISR (1)
      • 17:00
        Measurement of the 4pi cross-section at BABAR 30m
        Speaker: Andreas Hafner (Mainz University)
      • 17:30
        e+ e- annihilation into \eta \pi+ \pi- \gamma (\gamma) in PHOKHARA 20m
        Speaker: Agnieszka Wapienik
      • 17:50
        RC to the cross ee\to \mu\mu\gamma and p\bar p \to ee\gamma sections ee\to \mu\mu\gamma and p\bar p \to ee\gamma 20m
        Speaker: Eduard Kuraev (JINR Dubna)
    • 18:10 18:40
      FSR and Gamma Gamma physics (1)
      • 18:10
        Final State Radiation in Chiral Perturbation Theory 30m
        Speaker: Sandro Gorini (Mainz University)
    • 18:40 19:10
      Discussion on the possibilities for the WG within the FP7 programme 30m
      Speaker: Giulia Pancheri (LNF)
    • 09:00 10:30
      FSR and Gamma Gamma physics (2)
      • 09:00
        e+e- annihilation to (pi0 pi0 gamma) and (pi0 eta gamma) as a source of information on scalar and vector mesons 30m
        Speaker: Olga Shekhovstova (LNF)
      • 09:30
        How much can we learn about (gamma* gamma* -> pi0) from KLOE-2: studies with EKHARA Monte Carlo generator 30m
        Speaker: Sergiy Ivashyn (University of Silesia)
      • 10:00
        Gamma Gamma physics at KLOE-2 30m
        Speaker: Danilo Babusci (LNF)
    • 10:30 11:00
      TAU (1)
      • 10:30
        tau to eta pi^- pi0 decays and e^+e^- annihilation into eta pi pi modes 30m
        Speaker: Pablo Roig (LPT & CNRS)
    • 11:00 11:30
      Coffee break 30m
    • 11:30 12:00
      TAU (2)
      • 11:30
        NLO is it possible for bremsstrahlung in decays? 30m
        Speaker: Zbigniew Was (IFJ PAN)
    • 12:00 13:00
      • 12:00
        The effective fine structure constant and other SM running couplings 30m
        Speaker: Friedrich Jegerlehner (University of Silesia)
      • 12:30
        Status and comparison of VP compilations 30m
        Speaker: Thomas Teubner (University of Liverpool)
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