INFN-Fisica sperimentale delle particelle elementari

Searches for electric dipole moments at PSI

by Philipp Schmidt-Wellenburg (Paul Scherrer Institute)


Il seminario si svolgerà in modalità  telematica utilizzando la piattaforma Zoom, le coordinate della riunione sono:
ID 919 2298 8833
password: 795585


Searches for electric dipole moments (EDM) of fundamental particles are considered one of the most sensitive experimental pathes to physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics (SM). The known violation of the combined symmetry of charge and parity conjugation (CPV) is tiny in the SM, while a common and natural feature of many beyond SM theories.
I will report on the latest search for the neutron EDM at the Paul Scherrer Institute [Abel et al., PRL124(2020)081803], resulting in the most stringent upper limit of dn<1.8E-26 ecm to date.
Further, I will present first efforts at PSI for a dedicated search for a muon EDM with a compact storage ring at using the frozen spin technique with muons at a momentum of 125 MeV/c, a magnetic field of 1.5 Tesla and a radial electric field of approximately 10kV/cm [Crivellin et al., PRD98(2018)113002].
It will be complementary to our search for a neutron EDM by being mostly insensitive to the CP-violating term of QCD and nicely tests lepton universality together with the electron EDM by using a (anti)particle of the second generation. This is of particular interest in the light of current results in B decays and the deviation of the muon g-2 experimental result from SM theory.

Organized by

F. Renga, L. Cardani, C. Rovelli