DS-Mat regular meeting


Participants: Alessio, Alex, Bianca, Giorgio, Grzegorz, Jeff, Krzysztof, Maxim, Oscar, Roberto, Tomasz.

Materials DB:

Krzysztof made a list of samples which should be assayed with different techniques. A restricted meeting with Iza, Vicente and Roberto should be organized this week to prepare the discussion for the next DS-mat call.


Vicente, Paolo, Maxim and Roberto had a new interaction with Marzio and Filippo. They will investigate whether we can get rid of the triplex (Al - F.glass sandwich). There is no possible replacement for the foam.R.A. budget:

R.A. budget:

Found the reason for the huge difference between Necbot ahd Sag4n. Maxim numbers are consistent with what reported in literature. n-flux reduced by a factor 2 using the Jendel libraries. Plans: pending  meeting with Vicente.

Surface contamination:

SS to be shipped from JU to LNL. Oscar, Giorgio, Grzegorz agreement on a paper reporting the R&D on the cleaning procedure. Roberto will contact Jose Busto  about the Rn emanation.


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    • 17:00 17:15
      Recent assays and new results 15m
      Speaker: All
    • 17:15 17:30
      DB and results 15m
      Speaker: Krzysztof Pelczar (Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University)
    • 17:30 17:35
      Cryostat: Meeting with the CERN group 5m
      Speakers: Vicente Pesudo (CIEMAT), roberto santorelli (CIEMAT)
    • 17:35 17:50
      Status of the R.A. budget 15m
      Speaker: Maxim Gromov (SINP MSU)
    • 17:50 17:55
      Surface contamination: SS and Cu plans 5m
      Speakers: Giorgio Keppel (LNL), Oscar Azzolini (LNL)
    • 17:55 18:00
      AOB 5m
      Speaker: All