The results of E-PLATE project

by Dr Hanna Skliarova (LNL)

C. VILLI meeting room (INFN-LNL)

C. VILLI meeting room



The main goal of project E-PLATE was to study the parameters to provide better process control and allow the preparation of the targets as for nuclear cross-section measurements, as for medical radionuclides production.
The experimental set-up for HIVIPP deposition has been constructed at Legnaro National Laboratories of INFN. The target materials of interest included:
 - natMo for the study of the parameters influencing the process never highlighted before.
 - enriched Ti/48, 49, 50 for the measurements of the cross-sections of the nuclear reactions xxTi(p,x)47Sc for the INFN CSN5 project PASTA (2017-2018).
As the main result the group has got the know-how of HIVIPP deposition of different materials, starting from different form, which particularly important for the enriched materials. The maximum thickness of Mo HIVIPP deposit in this work has reached about 20 times higher than reported in literature.
The application of the HIVIPP technique for radioisotope production targets needs further analysis of numerous data already collected and additional tests.
However, it has surely a wide application for production of the targets for nuclear reactions study and for the cross-section measurements, as we have shown in our work.

Organized by

Hanna Skliarova