Extended Twisted Mass Collaboration (ETMC) Meeting, Spring 2020

INFN - Pisa

INFN - Pisa

Largo Bruno Pontecorvo, 3, 56127 Pisa PI
Andreas Athinodorou (University of Pisa)

This is the official webpage of the ETMC meeting hosted in the University of Pisa/INFN, for the 2nd to the 4th of March.

The meeting is financially supported by the Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Individual Fellowship "Tips in SCQFT" and grant agreement no 791122.

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  • Andreas Athenodorou
  • Antonino Todaro
  • Claudio Bonanno
  • Constantia Alexandrou
  • Floriano Manigrasso
  • Francesco Sanfilippo
  • Georg Bergner
  • Giancarlo Rossi
  • Karl Jansen
  • Lorenzo Maio
  • Marco Cardinali
  • Marco Garofalo
  • Massimo D'Elia
  • Pietro Giudice
  • Roberto Frezzotti
  • Urs Wenger
The agenda of this meeting is empty