27 November 2019
INFN-LNF, Aula Salvini
Europe/Rome timezone
Aim of the meeting:

This informal meeting is intended for extensive discussions on the status and possible solutions for   B physics anomalies,  on seesaw models for neutrino masses, and on gauge-Yukawa constructions for asymptotic safety.  

Wednesday 27/11 11:00am:      Rome Samanta    (Southampton U.)
"Some new ideas in Leptogenesis and Dark Matter studies
Wednesday 27/11 12:00am:      Ana Peñuelas    (Valencia U.  IFIC)
"Global fits to 𝑏→𝑐𝜏𝜈 transitions

Wednesday 27/11  2.30pm:    Enrico Maria Sessolo (NCBJ,  Warsaw)
"Asymptotic safety with N_F flavors" 



INFN-LNF, Aula Salvini

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