Golden Ring Hotel, Moscow

Golden Ring Hotel, Moscow

Sultan Dabagov (LNF), Mikhail Strikhanov (National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI")


The Council Committee of the International Radiation Physics Society has decided to cancel IRRMA2022 (Moscow, 3-8 July 2022). The decision on the next IRRMA meeting will be made in the nearest future.

The International Topical Meeting on Industrial Radiation and Radioisotope Measurement Applications is a triennial event organised for the purpose of bringing together scientists and engineers from around the world who share an interest in radiation and radioisotope measurement application.

IRRMA2022, the 11th edition of the meeting, is being organized by the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow, Russia) together with the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (Italy). It will be held at the Hotel "Golden Ring" in the heart of the Moscow downtown in the period of July 3-8, 2022.

IRRMA is devoted to current trends and potential future issues involving radiation and radioisotopes. The technical sessions of the will include invited lectures by leading experts in their fields, contributed oral papers and poster presentations of contributed papers. Attendees will have an opportunity to share ideas on industrial uses of radiation and radioisotopes, and also on research and applications in related fields such as biomedical applications of radiation, art and cultural heritage, Monte Carlo methods and models, radiation in environmental sciences, detection of threat material and contraband, radiation protection, shielding and dosimetry, radiation effects on materials, radiation detection and measurements, and other related topics. 

There will be an early registration fee of 400€ if paid by April 30, 2022. After that date and on-site the registration fee is 500€ (details through Registration Fee site).

Additional to the attendance of all conference sessions, the fee covers the expenses for the program book, book of abstracts, proceedings, for the coffee breaks, conference welcome mixer and social dinner as well as for the social events announced.

In order to get a 50€ discount at fee payment, the members of the International Radiation Physics Society (IRPS) have to present to the Organizing Committee the payment receipt together with the membership confirmation.

  • Aleksandr Bugay
  • Alessandra Maia Marques Martinez Perez
  • Alexey Tishchenko
  • Amjad Alyahyawi
  • Andrea Liedl
  • Angelina Bulavskaya
  • Augusto Marcelli
  • Azamat Ligidov
  • Branko Vukovic
  • Chia-Chun Lu
  • Christopher Chantler
  • Concetta Maria Sutera
  • Daniela Napoleoni
  • Daria Sergeeva
  • Dariush Hampai
  • David Bradley
  • Eugene Demikhov
  • Evgeny Kazakov
  • Farmesk Abubaker
  • Francesca Casarin Calenda
  • Grigori Shirkov
  • Ivica Vujcic
  • Konstantin Popov
  • Lu-Han Lai
  • Lyubov Treityak
  • Marco Capogni
  • Maria-Luisa Carvalho
  • Maurizio Benfatto
  • Maxim Bulavin
  • Mayeen Khandaker
  • Nikita Matveev
  • Roberto Bedogni
  • Sergey Mayburov
  • Sergey Taskaev
  • Servo Kasi
  • Slobodan Masic
  • Sultan Dabagov
  • Timur Kulevoy
  • Troyee Barua
  • Valeria Guglielmotti
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