Vulcano Workshop 2020 - Frontier Objects in Astrophysics and Particle Physics

Therasia Resort, Conference Room (Vulcano Island, Sicily, Italy)

Therasia Resort, Conference Room

Vulcano Island, Sicily, Italy


Dear colleagues,

we regret to inform you that, given the Covid-19 situation, the Organizing Committee has taken the decision to cancel the Vulcano Workshop 2020 planned for next May.

Although there are more than two months to the start of the workshop, the current health situation and the impossibility to make predictions on its evolution led us for several reasons to the decision to cancel the workshop. Tentatively, the workshop is postponed to next year.

We truly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you. We hope to see you in Vulcano next year.

Best regards,

Roberto Fusco-Femiano & Giampaolo Mannocchi

(chairmen of the Vulcano Workshop)


We announce the XVIII Vulcano Workshop, which will be held from May 17th to May 22nd, 2020 in the Vulcano Island (Sicily, Italy).

As in the past editions, the workshop will aim to gather people from High Energy Astrophysics and Particle Physics to discuss the most recent highlights in these fields.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Astrophysics/Cosmology
  • Astrophysics/Gravity
  • Dark Matter & Dark Energy
  • Particle Physics
  • Cosmic Rays
  • Gamma/Neutrino Astronomy
  • Future Prospects

The scientific program will include 25-minute review talks to introduce the current problems giving new experimental and theoretical results.

The participation is by invitation and limited to 80 people.

Participants are expected to arrive at the Therasia Resort (Vulcano Island, Sicily) on Sunday May 17th. Registration will begin at 6:00 pm.


Organized by Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) and Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF)

  • Alessandra Tamborrino Orsini
  • Béla Majorovits
  • Cristiano Galbiati
  • Emma Torro
  • Hafizh Prihtiadi
  • Lia Sabatini
  • Rita Bernabei
The agenda of this meeting is empty