Aim of the meeting:

The concept of time has always been a topic of great interest and exploration in both physics and philosophy: time scans our experience of the world and is the foundation of our consciousness. We propose an afternoon to discuss the flow of time between physics and metaphysics with researchers active in both fields. In particular, from the philosophical viewpoint, we shall debate the nature of the future as well as possible time travels. Physics wise, it will be investigated the nature of time in relativity and how the quantum theory of gravity and space-time can help the understanding of the fundamental structure of the universe.

Thursday July 11
14:30   Samuele Iaquinto (Milan Univ.)
"On the Nature of the Future" 
15:15   Giuliano Torrengo  (Milan Univ.) 
"Time Travels between Physics and Philosophy"
16:00 - 16:30   Coffee Break 
16:30   Daniele Oriti  (MPI Potsdam & LMU Munich) 
"Time from Classical Relativistic Physics toward Quantum Gravity"

17:30   Discussion



INFN-LNF, Aula Salvini

Participants:   Gennaro Corcella, Massimo Ferrario, Samuele Iaquinto, Daniele Oriti, Giuliano Torrengo
Secretariat: Maddalena Legramante
                    tel. 0039 06 94032791, fax 0039 06 94032900 

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