Dynamics of moderate energy reactions in phenomenological models

by Dr Katarzyna Mazurek (IFJ PAN)

ROSTAGNI meeting room (INFN-LNL)

ROSTAGNI meeting room



The heavy ions reactions are wonderful playground to investigate various phenomenas such as fusion, fission, evaporation of the particles, emission of the gamma-rays and others. The fission dynamics depends on the entrance channel and condition of creation compound nucleus. During de-excitation of the hot rotatimg nucleus particle and gamma-rays are emitted. Less probable is induction of the Giant Resonances and their de-excitaion. The phenomenological models such as HIPSE (Heavy-lon-Space Exploration) give the description of the compound nucleus production, taking into account the pre-equilibrium emission of the particles. While dynamical models based on solving the transport equation of Langevin type, in multidimensional space of collective coordinates estimates correctly the evaporation and fission channels. The presentation gives the short outlook on the recent results coming from phenomenological methods.

Organized by

Fabiana Gramegna

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