V. Kobychev - Search for Solar Axions

by Vladislav Kobychev (INR, Kiev, Ukraine)

Pontecorvo room (LNGS)

Pontecorvo room



Since the prediction of axion in 1978 as a sequence of Peccei-Quinn model for solution of the strong CP problem, no direct experimental evidence on the existence of axions or other axion-like particles (ALPs) has been found. The additional interest to the search for these hypothetical particles is caused by the fact that they can contribute to the cold dark matter as its important or main component. If axions or ALPs exist, the Sun should be an intense source of them. The experimental searches for solar axions and the methods of their registrations will be discussed, with accent to hadronic axions which can be emitted in magnetic transitions in nuclei of the solar core or/and detected via resonant absorption by nuclei in laboratory.
Vladislav Kobychev
Institute for Nuclear Research