Kenji Nishiwaki - Flavorful vectorlike compositeness enjoys B and K anomalies; also triggers Higgs mechanism

Aula C ()

Aula C


In the last several years, possible origins of the anomalies found
in the B and K mesons have been widely discussed. We present
an interesting scenario where the hidden QCD sector is charged
under the flavor. Here, composite vector mesons work as good candidate(s)
for addressing the R_K anomaly in the B mesons, and the discrepancy
in the direct CP violation of the Kaon sector, which is estimated by
simultaneously (based on arXiv:1806.02312).
Comments on the R_D anomaly is also provided.
Next, we will briefly introduce a (preliminary) result of our ongoing work
on the dynamical realization of the spontaneous electroweak symmetry breaking
of the SM gauge groups in an extended framework (through the mechanism called
`scalegenesis'). Here, we make comments on composite pions of this scenario, and
look into the constraints by resonant searches at the LHC.

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