Search for Baryon Number Violation at European Spallation Source (ESS)

by Dr Yuri Kamyshkov (University of Tennessee)

Aula R (INFN - Padova)

Aula R

INFN - Padova


Neutron can be a Majorana particle as was originally conjectured by E. Majorana.
It might reveal its nature in the transformation of neutron to antineutron
that would be a signal of baryon number violation with Delta B=2. More than 1000 times an improvement can be made in the sensitivity of neutron-antineutron search at the new European Spallation Source (ESS) to be constructed by the end of this decade near Lund in Sweden. A new N-Nbar search Collaboration is presently being formed in Europe to perform this spectacular search at ESS with slow neutron beam of high intensity. If neutron-antineutron transformation will be found, it will offer a mechanism
for the generation of baryon asymmetry of the universe at the post-sphaleron
scale, thus making an alternative to leptogenesis. Such a mechanism can also reveal itself with an observation of new heavy scalar states at LHC. New Collaboration plans to build at ESS a detector for neutron-antineutron transformation search, where new groups are welcome to participate and contribute.

Organized by

Franco Simonetto