Are we going back to the RISC era?

by Sverre Jarp (CERN)

Aula 207 - Paolotti (INFN - Padova)

Aula 207 - Paolotti

INFN - Padova


The computer industry typically moves forwards in spirals with hardware or software moving from being deprecated (and even being laughed at) to being the hottest feature imaginable. Think of virtualization as an example. It existed on IBM mainframes already more than 30 years ago.
The speaker will debate whether the "world" is interested in spiralling back to multivendor hardware solutions like we had in the 90s with multiple RISC-vendors competing ferociously in the desktop/server space. The Reduced Instruction Sets were typically SPARC (Sun), Alpha (DEC), MIPS (SGI), PA-RISC (HP) and POWER (IBM).
Although the speaker has been involved in the field for more than 40 years and can therefore talk well about the past, he will give no guarantees as to predicting the future!

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Mauro Morandin