Cryogenic cooling of mid-scale superconducting applications

by Prof. Steffen Grohmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany )

ROSTAGNI meeting room (INFN-LNL)

ROSTAGNI meeting room



Applications of superconductivity are widely used in experimental physics. In small systems, the cryogenic cooling is typically provided by local cryocoolers. Large systems, on the other hand, rely on cryoplants and cryogenic distribution systems. The two cooling technologies have physical limitations for up- and down-scaling, respectively, causing a technology gap in the mid-scale cooling power range. Beside some experiments in physics, this technology gap affects applications of high-temperature superconductivity (HTS), in particular HTS power applications.
The presentation starts with an overview of state-of-the-art cryogenic cooling technologies, explaining their principles and suitability for different types of applications. The necessity of further research is then motivated by the technology gap in the mid-scale cooling power range. Finally, fundamental research and applied R&D activities at KIT aiming to close this gap are presented.

Organized by

Ruggero Pengo

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