Theory Group Seminars

Binding energies and nuclear clusters in the Skyrme model

by Sven Bjarke Gudnason (Keio University)

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In this talk I will discuss Skyrmions as nuclei in various Skyrme-like models. The problem that I will address is that the solitons combine into multisolitons with too large classical binding energies. The current approaches to tackle this problem will be reviewed and finally I will show a variant of the Skyrme model where the classical binding energies can be less than the 1-percent level and thus small enough for comparison with nuclear data. The next two related problems is that the spin of the nucleon gives a rather large quantum contribution to the mass, which alone makes the binding energy too large. The other aspect that I will discuss is about how much discrete symmetry is needed and how it can help producing the correct nuclear excitation spectra. The solution to the quantum binding energy problem, I believe, is to take into account further quantum corrections due to massive modes. I will discuss a large systematic study of all the vibrational modes of the B=1-8 Skyrmions and how it may relate to the moduli space of instantons.