Seminari INFN

Charming New Physics in Beautiful Processes?

by Matthew Kirk

Aula Rasetti (Dipartimento di Fisica - ED. G.Marconi)

Aula Rasetti

Dipartimento di Fisica - ED. G.Marconi

The study of meson mixing and lifetimes gives us an insight into rare flavour changing process, which can help shed light on possible new physics effects. These calculations rely on the tools of effective field theory and the heavy quark expansion, and so understanding these is integral to any possible discovery. I will briefly outline my PhD research in this area, which include a study of quark hadron duality, Heavy Quark Effective Theory sum rules, limits on new physics from mixing and lifetimes, and the overlap of flavour physics and dark matter. I will then talk a little about my ongoing follow up research here in Rome.