Seminars and Colloquia

First model independent results from DAMA/LIBRA–phase2"

by Pierluigi Belli (ROMA2)

The first model-independent results obtained by the DAMA/LIBRA–phase2 experiment will be presented. These new data have been collected over 6 annual cycles corresponding to a total exposure of 1.13 ton × yr, deep underground at the Gran Sasso Laboratory. The DAMA/LIBRA–phase2 apparatus, about 250 kg highly radio-pure NaI(Tl), profits from a second generation high quantum efficiency photomultipliers and of new electronics with respect to DAMA/LIBRA–phase1. The improved experimental configuration has also allowed to lower the software energy threshold. The DAMA/LIBRA–phase2 data confirm the evidence of a signal that meets all the requirements of the model independent Dark Matter annual modulation signature at 9.5 sigma C.L. in the energy region (1–6) keV.
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