Accelerator Division

Injector design for the MariX-FEL project

by Dr Luigi Faillace (RadiaBeam Technologies)

Aula Divisione Acceleratori (LNF INFN)

Aula Divisione Acceleratori


The INFN-Milan proposes the design of a Multi-disciplinary Advanced Infra-structure for Research with X-rays (MariX) to be installed in the future Technological Pole of the University of Milan, by the Expo area. MariX will be an FEL (free electron laser) light source and it will produce highly coherent X-rays, in the range 1-5 keV, with ultra-short pulses (10-50 fs) and a repetition rate up to 1MHz. At the same time, MariX will host a compact monochromatic X-ray source, called BriXS, by using an inverse-Compton scattering scheme, with energies up to 150 keV and a repetition rate of 100 MHz (continuous-wave CW operation) that will generate fluxes up to 1013 photons per second. In this presentation, the main guidelines for the electron injector will be discussed as well as the choices for the main operating layouts and parameters for CW (continuous-wave) operation, such as the electron gun and the accelerating linear accelerators.
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