1. General Seminars

High resolution TPC based on optically readout GEM

by Davide Pinci (ROMA1)

Aula Seminari (LNF)

Aula Seminari


Large granularity and hight sensitivity commercial CMOS readout systems, open the possibility of developing particle detectors with very interesting performance for different applications, from the search of rare and exotics events, such as dark matter directional candidates, to high quality neutron/ion/hadron beam monitor, mainly for medical applications. This idea driven the CYGNUS group to exploit the gas scintillation mechanisms for starting an R&D on large TPC-based detector, equipped with a Triple GEM amplification stage optically readout. This approach, not only provides tracking capability with space resolutions of the order of tens of microns and energy measurements with a precision of about 25%, but also gives precious information allowing very good particle discrimination. Spectacular examples of captured images due to X-rays and high energy photons, cosmic muons, electrons from beam and neutrons interactions will be shown in this seminar together with quantitative analysis about the system performance.