Pharmaceutical development of the ISOL technique for the production of radionuclides and their applications in targeted radionuclide therapy

by Dr Francesca Borgna

M.B. Ceolin meeting room (INFN-LNL)

M.B. Ceolin meeting room


Radiopharmaceuticals are the fundamental tool for nuclear medicine procedures, enabling imaging and therapy of cancer after administration of a radioligand. The discovery and production of new radionuclides on one side and the optimization of ligands on the other are central parts of the research in the radiopharmaceutical field. The ISOLPHARM projects aims at the production of innovative radionuclides ideal for targeting malignant tissues because, thanks to mass separation, they are extremely pure, i.e. carrier-free. Thanks to the SPES UCx target and to innovative not-fissile targets, several radionuclides are under investigation for production at LNL-INFN with the ISOL technique, for example 111Ag and 64/67Cu. In this seminar a strategy for ligands optimization will also be discussed, regarding in particular the introduction of a serum protein-binding domain in the chemical structure of the radioconjugates to improve their pharmacokinetic properties. The last part of the work presented was developed at the Center for Radiopharmaceutical Sciences at Paul Scherrer Institute (CH).
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