Discussion of recent LHCb results on lepton universality in b decays

by Giacomo Graziani (FI)

281 (Physics Department)


Physics Department

Recent results by the LHCb experiment provide a pattern of possible deviations from Standard model predictions in the decays of b hadrons mediated by the b->sl+l- transition, which occurs through loop diagrams with high sensitivity to New Physics. In particular, the hint for lepton flavour non-universality seen in the measurement of the BR(B+>K+mu+mu-)/BR(B+->K+e+e-) ratio has been confirmed very recently in the B0->K*0l+l- mode. Indications for a breaking of lepton flavour universality also emerged, both at B factories and at LHCb, at tree level in B semileptonic decays when comparing the tau and mu final states. In this seminar we will review the batch of experimental results and the possible interpretations in terms of new physics models.
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