Light on the Architecture of Life - LACE17

Scuola di Architettura di Siracusa

Scuola di Architettura di Siracusa

Federico di Svevia Square, 96100, Syracuse, Italy

The conference will focus on the new frontiers in Biophysics that explore the structure and dynamics of living matter, giving particular emphasis on the use of light as tool to investigate cellular processes and functions seen not as individual process and function but as collective and integrated mechanisms.

The main themes of the conference covers a wide range of critically important sessions:
  • Spontaneous and photoinduced ultraweak photon emission
  • Application of light in environmental and medical field
  • Water structures and life
  • New biophysical approaches to the understanding of cell functions
  • Detectors for single photons applications

  • Agata Campisi
  • Agata Scordino
  • Alberto Foletti
  • Antonella De Ninno
  • Eduard P.A. Van Wijk
  • Emanuele Leonora
  • Ernst Zürcher
  • Francesco Musumeci
  • Georg Schroecker
  • Gerald H. Pollack
  • Giorgio Bellia
  • Giuseppe Trovato
  • Giuseppe Vitiello
  • Hugo Niggli
  • Larissa Brizhik
  • Leen Breevort
  • Marisa Gulino
  • Pablo Campra
  • Patrizia Stefanini
  • Pierre Madl
  • Pospíšil Pavel
  • Roeland J. Van Wijk
  • Rosaria Grasso
  • Salvatore Tudisco
  • Shigeki Takeuchi
  • Silvio Cherubini
  • Yosef Scolnik
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