VIII Tuscan Meeting on Theoretical Physics

Galileo Galilei Institute

Galileo Galilei Institute

Largo Enrico Fermi,2 I-50125 FIRENZE
11:00 - Chris Hull (London, Imperial)
Title: Strings, fields and geometry
12:00 Lunch break
14:30 - David Tong (Cambridge)
Title: On Particle-Vortex Duality
Abstract: I'll review some recent results on physics in d=2+1 dimensions.
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 - Massimo Bianchi (Roma Tor Vergata)
Title: On micro-state geometries of 4-d black-holes and their stringy origin
Abstract: We derive a precise dictionary between micro-state geometries and open string condensates for a large class of excitations of four dimensional BPS black holes realised in terms of D3-branes intersecting on a six-torus. We then construct explicit examples of microstate geometries that lift to smooth horizon-free geometries in five dimensions. Solutions consist of half-BPS D-brane atoms distributed in 3-dimensional space. Charges and positions of the D-brane centers are constrained by the bubble equations and boundary conditions ensuring the regularity of the metric and the match with the black hole geometry.

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