9-14 September 2018
University of Ferrara
Europe/Rome timezone

Absolute polarimeter APol for NICA collider project.

13 Sep 2018, 14:30
A9 (Polo degli Adelardi - Via Adelardi, 33)


Polo degli Adelardi - Via Adelardi, 33

Via Adelardi, 33
Parallel Sessions Acceleration, Storage and Polarimetry of Polarized Beams Acceleration, Storage and Polarimetry of Polarized Beams


Mr Mikhail Kulikov (JINR)


Conceptual design of the absolute polarimeter APol with an internal polarized atomic hydrogen/deuterium jet target for NICA collider is presented. It is proposed to install the polarimeter into the “warm” gap of the collider ring arc. The polarized jet will cross both accelerated beams. The jet target is based on the classical atomic beam source principle. Expected target thickness of the jet in the interaction regions is 10^12 atom/cm^2. Polarization of the atomic hydrogen/deuterium jet will be measured by Breit-Rabi polarimeter placed under collider ring into a jet catcher volume. APol will utilize a reaction of elastic scattering of identical nuclei (protons or deuterons).

Primary author


Mr Alexey Shumkov (JINR) Dr Roman Kuzyakin (JINR) Dr Victor Fimushkin (Joint Institute for Nuclear Researsh) Mr Yuri Prokofichev (JiNR)

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