9-14 September 2018
University of Ferrara
Europe/Rome timezone

Constraints on a Spin-dependent Exotic Interaction between Electrons with Single Electron Spin Quantum Sensors

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University of Ferrara

University of Ferrara

Polo degli Adelardi Via Adelardi 33 Ferrara Italy
Poster Fundamental Symmetries and Spin Physics Beyond the Standard Model


Ms Man Jiao (University of Science and Technology of China)


Recently, single NV center in diamond as a quantum sensor has been proposed and utilized to explore electron-nucleon monopole-dipole interaction, which sets a constraint for the electron–nucleon coupling, g_s^N g_p^e, with the force range 0.1–23 μm.(1) A new laboratory bound on the axial-vector mediated interaction between electron spins at micrometer scale is established with single nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond. A single crystal of p-terphenyl doped pentancene-d14 under laser pumping provides the source of polarized electron spins. Based on the measurement of polarization signal via nitrogen-vacancy centers, we set a constraint for the exotic electron-electron coupling, g_A^e g_A^e, within the force range from 10 to 900 µm. The obtained upper bound of the coupling at 500 µm is|(g_A^e g_A^e)/4πℏc|≤ 5.7 × 10−19, which is one order of magnitude more stringent than previous experiment. Our result shows that the NV center can be a promising platform for searching for new particles predicted by theories beyond the standard model. Reference: (1). Xing Rong, Mengqi Wang, Jianpei Geng, Xi Qin, Maosen Guo, Man Jiao, Yijin Xie, Pengfei Wang, Pu Huang, Fazhan Shi, Yi-Fu Cai, Chongwen Zou and Jiangfeng Du, Nature communications, 2018, s41467-018-03152-9 (2). Xing Rong, Man Jiao, Jianpei Geng, Bo Zhang, Tianyu Xie, Fazhan Shi, Chang-Kui Duan, Yi-Fu Cai and Jiangfeng Du, arXiv, 2018,1804.07026

Primary authors

Prof. Jiangfeng Du (University of Science and Technology of China) Prof. Jianpei Geng (Hefei University of Technology) Ms Man Jiao (University of Science and Technology of China) Prof. Xing Rong (University of Science and Technology of China)

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